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Farm Animal Rubber Bands - 7 Piece Card Evolution Eraser Green Pin
Evolution Eraser
Our Price: $7.50
Green Pin
Our Price: $8.00
New!  Our wildly popular Animal Rubber Bands are now available in Farm Animal styles!  A horse and its colt, a sheep and its lamb, a cow and its calf...and is that a docile sheepdog, or a wolf on the prowl?  You decide! Can progress come from failure?  With the Evolution Eraser it can.  The more you erase, the more it evolves!  Start with the ape end of the eraser to see it gradually change into a human being, or use the other end to see the process reverse itself.  Enjoy watching mankind's long evolutionary journey sped up to a mere instant, whenever you want!  It's more than just and eraser, too - it's both a stamp and a nice little decoration!  Try it out!
Eraser may be sliced into cross-sections to be used as stamps.
These cute little drawing pins resemble the first stirrings of a spring sprout. Ideal for pinning up your favorite cards and photos, or even just to give your room the sense of life and growth - without the difficulties of keeping plants alive indoors.   Made in Japan.
PhotoHanger Pets Animal Rubber Bands - 24 Piece Box Zoo Animal Rubber Bands - 24 Piece Box
Our Price: $8.50
Nothing is as sad as having to poke holes through your favorite photos when you hang them up. Instead of using thumbtacks, use a PhotoHanger! Use them to decorate your room with your favorite photos and postcards without damaging them. Clip in the photo and hang it from a wire, nail, or pin - you can decorate your room, and your memories stay beautiful. Since its introduction, the Animal Rubber Band has been a happy surprise on desks and in classrooms all over the world.  Now, we bring you Animal Rubber Band  - Pets.  The same silicone formula in pet shapes!  These fun animals will retain their bright colors, are heat/freezer/microwave safe and will spring to life again and again!  Who can you surprise today? Made of 100% silicone, these fun animals will retain their bright colors, are heat/freezer/microwave safe and will spring to life again and again!
Dino Animal Rubber Bands - 7 Piece Box Farm Animal Rubber Bands - 28 Piece Box Ukihashi Chopsticks
Ukihashi Chopsticks
Our Price: $14.50
New!  Our wildly popular Animal Rubber Bands now come in fun Dino shapes.  Different sizes for each dino mean more ways to use them - the big Brontosaurus can wrap around wider objects, while the smaller Pterodactyl takes on tinier projects. New!  Our wildly popular Animal Rubber Bands are now available in Farm Animal styles!  A horse and its colt, a sheep and its lamb, a cow and its calf...and is that a docile sheepdog, or a wolf on the prowl?  You decide! Simple, elegant, and practical, these special chopsticks ("hashi" in Japanese) are designed to keep their tips from touching the table so there's no need for a chopstick rest. The table stays clean, ensuring that the only thing that touches your chopsticks is the food you're about to enjoy. A graceful addition to the epicurean lifestyle.
FUNnel The Story Behind the Bookmark Tsun Tsun Soap Dish
Our Price: $16.50
Tsun Tsun Soap Dish
Our Price: $21.00
We've taken lonely funnel out from under the sink and put it on display as a fun and functional kitchen and bath tool. This small funnel made of silicone, is easy to clean and store. Use it as a funnel to refill shampoo, body wash and other liquid ingredients. Comes complete with suction cup for hanging, or can be folded and stored in a drawer. Reading a good book can bring a whole new world to life - and here's proof! Three unfortunate characters are trapped between the real world and the world of fiction, and only you can set them free. Release them from their captivity in the pages of a good book, and they will be your willing guides in the world of your imagination. These white silicone bookmarks come with each character's story written in Japanese; English, German, and French translations are provided on their story cards. These silicone soap dishes use soft spikes to "suspend" soap in the air.  This helps to dry your soap quickly, reducing waste, and it also makes the soap easy to grab.  Dishwasher safe.
Animal Bookmarks Bird Hook PIKNICA Bunny Tote Bag
Animal Bookmarks
Our Price: $24.00
Bird Hook
Our Price: $26.00
PIKNICA Bunny Tote Bag
Our Price: $29.00
Whimsical suede animals save your page with their well-placed tails!  Clip your favorite animal to the front of your book to accompany you on your literary adventures.  Made with handmade German glass eyes, these colorful friends come with their own mini picture story. Use this helpful little bird to hang hats, towels, and
accessories, keep a clever place for keys, as a holder
for cards and notes, or however else you wish.
This cute little bunny rabbit is the perfect companion when you need to run errands! He's cleverly storing a light-weight nylon bag inside of him, suitable for holding anything you need to carry from the market (carrots are good), library (Runaway Bunny is a favorite) or any place that gives out those pesky plastic bags. He can turn back into your bunny when you're done.
Michi Kusa Bud Vase TALKING Condiment Dispenser Mini Snowman Magnifying Glass
Michi Kusa Bud Vase
Our Price: $30.00
These sophisticated glass flower vases come with colorful built-in polycarbonate flower arrangers, allowing you to arrange your favorite wildflowers with elegance. "Michi-kusa" is a multi-purpose Japanese term for "flowers on the side of the road", "wildflowers", and "dallying" - the perfect name for something designed to provide a brief respite from the hectic pace of daily life. Keep one on your desk, and you'll always remember to take the time to stop and smell the wildflowers. These whimsical "talking" condiment containers are sure to bring a smile to your table. The "mouths" of each porcelain container are shaped to form the syllables "shi" (for "shio", Japanese for salt), "ko" (for "koshou", pepper) and "sho" (for "shoyu", soy sauce). This magnifying glass, reminiscent of a snowman, is inspired by the uniqueness of each snowflake and the desire to see their beauty up close. Sized for pocket or purse, or use attached hook to clip to belt loop or backpack.
Gray "Faces of the Moon" Stress Balls "Kazan" Volcano Tissue Dispenser
Introducing the "dark side" of the moon - the new dark gray version of our popular "Faces of the Moon" stress balls!
These squeezable heads have individual expressions, exemplifying personal feelings from grumpy and serene to  mischievous and bored.  Each whimsical "stresshead" is carefully removed from its mold by hand to preserve its characteristic features.
Kazan ("volcano" in Japanese) provides the elegant beauty of a smoking volcano from an unexpected source: a tissue dispenser! The chrome-plated brass base suspends a puff of billowing tissue "smoke" in the air. Simply place Kazan on a stack of tissues and gently pull them out.