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5 Elements Candle Air 5 Elements Candle Earth 5 Elements Candle Fire
5 Elements Candle Air
Our Price: $38.00
5 Elements Candle Earth
Our Price: $38.00
5 Elements Candle Fire
Our Price: $38.00
Experience freshness of new beginnings through the wind and breath.

Air ( kaze) Is the element of life and breath. Associated with new beginnings, and new year freshness. Feelings of care free can be experienced while burning this beautiful candle.

Scent: eucalyptus, yuzu rind, ginger.
Burn time: 60 hours
Hand poured soy candle
Grounding energy inspires prosperity.

Earth (tsuchi) is the element of all physical and material things. Its energy is grounding.
Earth is the stable foundation under out feet and can also be assive and awe-inspiring.

Scent: cedar, jasmine, fig
Burn time: 60 hours
Hand poured soy candle
Cleanse and purify with fire's flame and nurturing warmth

Fire ( hi) is motivating and passionate. It is forceful yet positive. Fire symbolizes the inner child, the spirit within and the creative spark we all endure.

Scent: ginger, rose, quince
Burn time: 60 hours
Hand poured soy candle, Hand packaged and designed with love
5 Elements Candle Sky 5 Elements Candle Water Celestial Candle Collection
5 Elements Candle Sky
Our Price: $38.00
5 Elements Candle Water
Our Price: $38.00
Experience the vastness beyond your spirit and day with
the essence of this scent.

Sky represents those things beyond our everyday experience. It's meaning relates to spirit,thought and creative energy.
Sky is the highest of the elements associated with power, creativity, spontaneity and inventiveness.

Scent: jasmine, acacia, fresh grass
Burn time: 60 hours
Hand poured soy candle
Love and emotion transcend through ebb and flow

Water (mizu) is the element of love and emotions, and is as fluid as our feelings.
It influences sleep and dreaming, as we sink down into the sweriling depths of the subconscious to
discover our deepest desires.
Water is an element of purification and healing.
The Sun is benevolent, sustaining all life. Sunlight provides energy, clarity, confience and fuel to grow; dispelling darkness both inside and out.
Scent: Poppy
Burn time: 60 hours
Celestial Candle Collection Celestial Candle Collection Full Moon Celestial Candle Collection New Moon
Stars are the stuff we are made of; carbon, nitrogen and oxygen atoms- each one of us is a little star.The universe is inside us and also out there-we are in it, we are of it. We belong to the skies.

Scent: Siberian cypress, moss and cyclamen
Burn Time : 60 hours
Hand poured soy candle
The Full Moon; when things come into fruition. Full Moon amplifies emotions and shows us what's hidden in ourselves and in the world by providing a different light in which to see. Soy base hand poured candle.

Scent: Cassis, citrus peel and fir.
Burn time: 60 hours

The New Moon shines as a crescent brighly in the sky. This is a time for new beginnings, planting seeds, taking stock for letting of the old and initiating the new.

Scent: Olive, lavender,eucalyptus and hyacinth
Burn time: 60 hours
Hand poured Soy candle.