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viss Corkscrew Erasers locus 3-Way Pen Eraser Refills locus Pencil Lead Refills
viss Corkscrew Erasers
Our Price: $5.50
locus Pencil Lead Refills
Our Price: $12.00
These clever erasers will always have the edge!  Use edges for erasing details and the ends for wide areas. White eraser refills for the locus 3-Way Ballpoint Pen.  3 erasers per pack. Refills of the specialized lead used in the locus 2mm Lead Pencils.  3 refills per pack.  Available in HB, 2B, 4B, Red, and White styles of lead.
rin Sticky Index Tabs locus 2mm Lead Pencil locus Ballpoint Pen
rin Sticky Index Tabs
Our Price: $13.50
locus 2mm Lead Pencil
Our Price: $66.00
locus Ballpoint Pen
Our Price: $66.00
The rounded shape of "rin" index tabs prevents the wear and tear that comes from being carried around, and ensures it will always be neatly aligned wherever it is positioned.  Rin's subtle color gradations also provide the tab index with an innovative new function, allowing you to indicate the level or stage of a project by degree of priority or progress.  Available with black or white packaging. Not your average mechanical pencil!  Maintain the line texture of a wood pencil with the ease and convenience of a mechanical.  Available in Black, Silver, and White. Aesthetic and function meet in these sleek ballpoint pens.
locus Mechanical Pencil locus 3-Way Ballpoint Pen
locus Mechanical Pencil
Our Price: $66.00
locus 3-Way Ballpoint Pen
Our Price: $95.00
Aesthetic and function meet in these sleek mechanical pencils. Switch from a ballpoint pen, a mechanical pencil, and an eraser all in one sleek package.  Available in Black, Silver, and White.