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Female artist, Shizuyo Seagusa, chief designer for Kimura Glass Company in Tokyo, Japan, has created the Kikatsu glassware collection.

Each glass is a unique work of art with every aspect contributing to its artistic expression - from the thickness of the glass to the size and shape, and finally to the etched design that completes the piece. Requiring the talents of master craftspeople, each glass is blown by mouth and hand etched. Producing one glass requires a painstaking 30 minutes to one hour and must be done very carefully as not to break the fragile glass.
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K-0101 4oz. Stem K-0101 8oz. Old Fashion K-0101 8oz. Tumbler
K-0101 4oz. Stem
Our Price: $79.00
K-0101 8oz. Old Fashion
Our Price: $54.00
K-0101 8oz. Tumbler
Our Price: $52.00
K-0403 8oz. Stem K-1001 4oz. Old Fashion K-1001 5oz. Tumbler
K-0403 8oz. Stem
Our Price: $91.00
K-1001 4oz. Old Fashion
Our Price: $62.00
K-1001 5oz. Tumbler
Our Price: $58.00
K-1710 4oz. Stem K-1748 3oz. Stem K-2101 2oz Shot
K-1710 4oz. Stem
Our Price: $84.00
K-1748 3oz. Stem
Our Price: $124.00
K-2101 2oz Shot
Our Price: $68.00
K-2201 2oz. Shot K-2301 2oz. Shot K-2818 12oz. Tumbler
K-2201 2oz. Shot
Our Price: $64.00
K-2301 2oz. Shot
Our Price: $46.00
K-2818 12oz. Tumbler
Our Price: $78.00
K-2919 1oz. Stem K-4935 8oz. Old Fashion K-4936 3oz. Stem
K-2919 1oz. Stem
Our Price: $127.00
K-4935 8oz. Old Fashion
Our Price: $108.00
K-4936 3oz. Stem
Our Price: $126.00
K-4937 3oz. Stem K-5301 2oz. Shot K-5301 5oz. Tumbler
K-4937 3oz. Stem
Our Price: $108.00
K-5301 2oz. Shot
Our Price: $48.00
K-5301 5oz. Tumbler
Our Price: $59.00
K-5336 3oz. Stem K-5401 2oz. Shot K-5537 3.oz Flute Stem
K-5336 3oz. Stem
Our Price: $88.00
K-5401 2oz. Shot
Our Price: $64.00
K-5537 3.oz Flute Stem
Our Price: $112.00
K-6001 2oz. Shot K-6101 2oz. Shot K-6342 5oz. Stem
K-6001 2oz. Shot
Our Price: $60.00
K-6101 2oz. Shot
Our Price: $54.00
K-6342 5oz. Stem
Our Price: $130.00
K-6949 3oz. Stem K-7254 5oz. Stem Usuhari Decanter and Shot Glass Set
K-6949 3oz. Stem
Our Price: $102.00
K-7254 5oz. Stem
Our Price: $132.00
    One decanter and two shot glasses are mouth-blown and carefully wrapped to fit snugly in a traditional Kiri wooden box.
Usuhari Graduated Straight Glass Set Usuhari Wine Glasses - Bordeaux Usuhari Wine Glasses - Bourgogne
The mouth-blown glasses are graduated in size and packaged as a glass-in-a-glass in a traditional Kiri wooden gift box for an elegant presentation. (Pictured in Center and Right)
Two "Bordeaux" straight-lipped style wine glasses in a Kiri wooden gift box.
(Pictured on Left)
Two "Bourgogne", aka Burgundy, tulip-lipped style wine glasses in a Kiri wooden gift box.